Fulfillment America (FAI) is a performance driven marketing service company with corporate offices and production facilities located in Billerica Massachusetts and Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1992 , FAI provides a broad range of fulfillment services to over 75 National and International companies. These services include the ecommerce B2C and B2B fulfillment, literature, POP and other collateral materials, print-on-demand, inbound 800 services, , kit assembly, pick and pack, warehousing and logistics.

The number of services provided within the fulfillment process is very extensive. Fulfillment America has been providing all of these services since our inception and enjoys a strong reputation as a reliable and efficient fulfillment resource. It is our intention to continue to build on our good name by providing superior service to a very diversified client base. In addition, we treat all of our employees with respect in an environment that is both challenging and rewarding for all.

The growth of our company has been extraordinary and our financial status remains healthy. The very rapid success of FAI can be attributed to our willingness to accept the challenge to perform and then to execute our commitments. We evaluate a project thoroughly by considering our ability to provide the services required. Once we decide to move forward, a strong commitment to performance is made. We communicate, we plan, and execute, fully aware of our responsibilities to our client's success with the project.

As we look to the future we accept the challenge to improve. We have embraced new ideas, innovative marketing strategies and new technologies. We promise integrity, hard work, cost effective and dependable fulfillment. We would like you to consider Fulfillment America as your marketing partner and a full service fulfillment resource.


Our service offerings are all guided by our superior operational processes, inventory management practices, and quality initiatives.

Our services include:

  • Ecommerce fulfillment
  • Omni channel fulfillment
  • Point of sale, displays and other collateral materials
  • Retail product fulfillment
  • Promotional product fulfillment
  • Print-on-demand
  • Inbound customer care services
  • Web-to-print capabilities
  • KPI dashboards and online real-time reporting
Fulfillment America KPI dashboards and online real-time reporting.

State-of-the-art Production Facilities

Fulfillment America is located outside of Boston, Massachusetts and currently occupies 4 warehouses totaling 400,000 square feet with 32 shipping bays.

Our warehouses are:

  • Setup with a wire guide racking system with high bays to maximize storage capacity.
  • Bin locations are setup to have primary and secondary locations to increase pick efficiency based on variable product data.
  • Each of our buildings is secure and alarmed and we can offer a dedicated caged lockup area or climate-controlled environment if required.
  • Reports of budgeted vs. actual usage on the district, regional, or individual levels
  • Our facilities are setup with a flow rack order picker and conveyor belt system; wireless scan guns, and high reach forklifts.


Customer Service

Best-In-Class customer service structure with dedicated management and account representatives for all fulfillment functions

  • Account Manager: Responsibilities: Oversee all program functions and activities.
  • Customer Service Representative(CSR): Responsibilities: Maintain all daily functions, activities and inventory maintenance. Primary day-to-day interface with the client.
  • CSR Backup: Responsibilities: Assist the Account Manager and Key CSR as required.
  • Production Manager: Responsibilities: Oversee and maintain all production functions and related services. Will be familiar with all aspects of the program and related materials.
  • Quality Control Supervisors: Responsibilities: Maintain QC checks throughout the production process. Inspect and document any errors and maintain accurate reporting.
  • Table Supervisors: Responsibilities: Maintain and oversee all production functions and related services. Will be familiar with all aspects of the program and related materials. Offer assistance to the Production Manager as needed.
  • Pick-and-Pack Manager: Responsibilities: Maintain and oversee all pick-and-pack order processing. Will be familiar with all aspects of the program and related services.
  • Pick-and-Pack Staff: Responsibilities: Maintain all daily order processing. Will be familiar with all aspects of the program and related materials.
Fulfillment America offers state of the art production facilities


As a six sigma company, we are quality driven and achieve results more efficiently due to the fact

that our operational activities and related resources are managed as a process.

Performance Commitment

Fulfillment America has documented its operational flow for process optimization and improvement. This process flow is shared with all department heads to be implemented across all functional areas of the company.

  • Processes are documented for consistent, repeatable, effective, and efficient operations.
  • Procedures exist for the control of process documentation.
  • Quality metrics are used to manage the processes.
  • Preventive action is taken to address potential problems.
  • Corrective action is taken to address occurring problems.
  • Our dedicated quality department reviews all operational processes twice annually and revises them as needed per standard processes.
  • A documented disaster recovery procedure is in place to quickly restore data and resume shipments in the event of partial or full system failure.
  • We perform daily backups of all key data required to operate the business.

We never take our clients for granted.  Let's work together!