A high-performing, diversified fulfillment and specialty print provider.

We are unmatched in the stationery market for offering end-to-end, diversified print and fulfillment capabilities. FAI is uniquely equipped to outperform at every stage along the print spectrum, with a diversified selection of printing capabilities held to strict six sigma protocols, ensuring a high quality delivery of product every time:

Fulfillment America specialty print provider


Our diversified print capabilities are built on the backbone of the latest integrated web-based technology, which can be client-optimized and maintained by an in-house staff of programmers and designers.


We execute a full menu of printing processes on the newest, state-of-the-art equipment using the highest quality papers selected for optimal performance depending on the printing process. Printing techniques include fast, rich digital printing and high-demand fine printing techniques, including engraving, letterpress, thermography, embossing, foil stamping and more (see below for details).


A highly trained and dedicated pre-press staff handles every order to completion, and orders are then met by a robustly staffed, 400,000 square-foot warehouse facility (120 permanent with 100+ temporary employees available as needed), and equipped and with capacity for full-service bindery operations, including assembly, long-term warehousing and complex logistical distribution.


Pre-press & Print Management

We have a standing team of professional design and print professionals whose main focus is on receiving, processing, reviewing and setting up files received via web-based interfaces (e.g., File Transfer Protocol), who understand all the various requirements for every printing process. A key aspect of their role is in quality control of set-up to ensure a smooth, quality web-to-print process on every client order.


We have a design team of graphic artists who bring a diverse pool of artistic talent and perspectives to client work. Ranging from illustrators and painters, to multi-media and packaging experts, our designers are available to create, refresh and customize across a range of product and collateral.


FAI Print offers fine printing techniques and high quality papers.


Engraving imposes ink onto paper using plates that are custom-etched with an image, type or graphics, applies intense pressure similar to letterpress, but instead of making an impression into the paper, graphics and type are raised up from the paper creating a tactile and textured look and feel. The resulting image is a color-embossed image with distinctive clarity, color purity and depth, and works especially well for detailed graphics or typefaces, as well as for white ink on colored paper.

Traditional Letterpress

Our letterpress processes (both traditional & contemporary) use photopolymer plates to achieve greater flexibility with unique and detailed designs, at a lower cost, and in less turnaround time than traditional steel plates. Our letterpress printing technique can achieve multiple levels of impression with rich, consistent color, and we use the plushest 100% cotton Lettra papers in a selection of weights.

Contemporary Letterpress

Contemporary letterpress printing blends the beauty and distinction of traditional letterpress (above) and the speed and cost of fast, digital printing. By combining these two processes on a single print piece, this additional printing option allows clients to more quickly and affordably achieve the authentic handcrafted look for static design elements with the speed of digitally printed variable data elements.


This cousin to engraving is a multi-step process that begins with digitally printing text type or image with a single, slow-drying ink color. The ink is then raised above the surface of the paper with the application of a special resin powder in the same ink color, which as it is heated and dries, lifts the type and/or image ink up from the paper for a textural look. Almost any single ink color can be used at a time in thermography.

Digital Raised Ink

Digital raised ink allows for the printing of raised, full-color graphics or photos in one pass, delivering the highest quality of printing without sacrificing turnaround time. This is because the full spectrum of CMYK colors can be printed, rather than just a single color, as with thermography. Once the type and graphics are printed, a clear transparent ink is applied over it giving it the same raised, textural quality as thermography, yet it comes off the press immediately dry and ready for finishing.

Foil Stamping

This luxury printing process creates shiny, metallic images and type impressed into paper, similar to letterpress. The process uses heated dies with raised type or images to fuse an opaque color or metallic foil into paper, bonding it to the surface with an impression. The color pigments transfer from the film to the paper, and heat and pressure assist in the bonding process.

Digital Printing

The HP Indigo 7800 press provides high-volume printing capacity with an amazing image quality that rivals (and in some cases surpasses) offset quality printing. The press is designed specifically for mid- to large-size companies who want to take quick advantage of the virtually unlimited opportunities of digital printing. Designed for the most demanding production environments, the HP Indigo press 7800 delivers up to seven-color printing, high definition text and images using HP's unique adaptive halftoning technology, with outstanding substrate selection.


Embossing uses a custom-made die to be used under high pressure but without any ink color to form a raised three-dimensional impression on the surface of paper that can be felt and seen. It is a distinctive effect that can be used on its own or in combination with 4-color foil stamping, which would be considered a custom embossing option.


Our full-service bindery is equipped to handle a full menu of quality-controlled assembly services and custom requests, including:

  • Die-cutting edges, shapes, pockets, etc.
  • Hand-assembly, from simple sorting and stuffing to ribbon-tying
  • Stitching, Folding, creasing, etc.
  • Mounting, layering
  • Addressing









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